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Roomba VS Scooba
Posted by (JG) RobotShop inc. on 30 Jul 2007 06:44 PM

Type of Robot: Vacuuming Robot

Floor Type: Functions on any surface (carpet or hard floors)

What Roomba does:

Vacuums dust, crumbs and larger debris

Charging Station: Possibility of having a Self charging home base

Virtual Walls: Equipped with virtual walls


Type of Robot: Floor Cleaning Robot

Floor Type: Functions on sealed hard wood, linoleum, tile and marble

What Scooba does:

Preps: Picks up loose crumbs, sand and dirt does not pick up large debris
Washes: Uses fresh, clean solution where mops just spread dirt around
Scrubs: Gently scrubs your floor removing dirt, grime and spills
Dries: Picks up dirty solution, leaving the floor clean and dry

Charging Station: No possibility for a charging station

Virtual Walls: Equipped with virtual walls

Note: It is recommended to pass Roomba before Scooba if there is a lot of debris on your floors.
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