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Robotshop Signs a Distribution Agreement With Ergo System Inc.
Posted by - NA - on 21 Apr 2008 10:29 AM
Boisbriand, Québec, Canada, April 21, 2008. RobotShop Distribution inc. announced today that they have entered into an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement with Ergo system inc., a manufacturer of high end patented electronic pet feeding devices.

RobotShop offers a large collection of household products for pet care such as automatic litters and robotic water and food distributors. This is a very promising market segment since pet care is time consuming and more and more owners are looking to automate such tasks.

"Our agreement with Ergo System inc. strengthens our position on the household robotics market, and more specifically the household robots segment for pet care" said Mario Tremblay, president and founder of RobotShop. "We have been selling these products for some time now and our clients are really satisfied with their usefulness and quality. This is exactly what we look for at RobotShop, namely household robotic products that are useful and reliable to improve our living conditions".

The Ergo System products have greatly evolved during the last 7 years and this is mostly due to client feedback. Ergo System has listened carefully to pet owners in order to adapt the products to the real needs.

"I am really happy to partner up with RobotShop to represent our products." said Dr. Krish, president of Ego System inc. "RobotShop has always been excellent to work with in the past and our recent partnership will only strengthen our business relationship and allow our Canadian counterparts to enjoy their pet's presence with freedom of time. We are continuously working towards bringing out new products to fulfill our goal of providing pet owners the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of time without being tied up to their homes; thereby enhancing their life style. With RobotShop as a partner, I have no doubt we will reach newer heights in pet industry".

About RobotShop Distribution inc.
It provides domestic and professional robots, development platforms and robot kits and specialized robotic parts. RobotShop is undertaking a broad strategic program aimed at promoting the evolution of robotic processes within our society, leading to the creation of a whole new world of possibilities: Robotics at your service!TM

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About Ergo System inc.
Ergo Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of high end patented electronic pet feeding devices since 2000. The company has made these products for the past 7 years and has been marketing it successfully to the high end pet owners who care for their pets. The company holds a leading edge in this category in the pet industry.

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