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Posted by - NA - on 09 Mar 2011 02:16 PM

"The new headquarters will allow us to respond to the tremendous growth of RobotShop," said Mario Tremblay. The construction of the new headquarters, a 15,000 square foot two story building involving over 2 million dollars in investment, was entrusted to Proservin inc. Judith-Ann Bélanger, vice-president of Proservin, proudly welcomed her new clients.

The mayor of Mirabel was particularly happy that RobotShop selected Mirabel, since robotics is considered, by experts the world over, to be a critical and strategic market for the 21st century, a generator for new business ventures and an important creator of quality jobs. The city of Mirabel is honored to receive a company that will directly contribute to its economic developement; we are very grateful to Mr. Tremblay, Ms. Fradet and their team.

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